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Traveling with diabetes


We all know how much routine and attention it takes to deal with Diabetes on a daily basis.  Imagine adding to that routine a change in time zones, change in available foods , security measures, and maintaining enough of a medication supply when you travel.

Pre-planning, as with any special need, is essential! Here are a few ideas to keep in mind as you plan for your trip:

  1. Speak with your physician to ensure your Diabetes is stable enough to withstand the extra stressors experienced when traveling.
  2. Take with you a medical history and list of medications on  your physician’s letterhead, especially if you are going through security with liquid medications and syringes.
  3. If your travel includes a change in time zones, keep a watch with home time on it in order to continue time-sensitive medications.
  4. Have supplies of a sugar source with you at all times in case of low blood sugar due to extra exertion, irregular meal times etc.
  5. Test your blood sugar more often, especially during the stage of jet lag, or when you are more active than at home.
  6. Ensure your travel companion knows what to look for and how to deal with a medical emergency in case you run into complications.
  7. Remember to pay special attention to your feet and footwear while traveling as we tend to be more active and walk more than usual to see all the wonderful sites!  Make sure you wear closed footwear which has been broken in to avoid blisters, cuts or other skin injuries which require extra care and healing when you have Diabetes.
  8. If traveling by air, review our 9 Tips for Hassle-free Security Checks when Flying with Medication Blog here.
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