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Access Holidays Canada Inc. – We are wherever you need us to be: consultations can be carried out virtually, in house, over the telephone, and on social media platforms. Our accessible destination consultants will ensure that your needs are met during your home and away excursions.  Based on consultation findings, and access to accessible destination suppliers we can assist in the pre-arrangement of the following services:

  • assistive devices rentals
  • attendant care providers
  • travel companion
  • assistive device repair locations
  • meet and greet services
  • dietary consideration
  • information on accessibility in destination events, restaurants and public spaces


Knowing someone is there to greet you in an unfamiliar place takes the initial anxiety away.  Typically, we work with accessible destination service suppliers in order to pre-arrange airport pickup / drop off, excursions, private transportation, equipment rental or repair, and appropriate accommodations, so that the initial entry into the new environment is made as hassle-free as possible.

Private transportation with drivers can be arranged for day trips or an extended itinerary.  This way, you have control over the pace, the kind and quality of your day and the type of care you will receive. Traveling at a relaxed pace and at a time of your choosing is the way to go. Private, specialized tours and transfers in coordination with local suppliers can also be pre-arranged from cruise ports.


Access Holidays Canada Inc. has worked for the past 16 years in the Travel related and accessible Tourism Industry to provide education and experiential learning to corporate and front line staff in order to enhance their understanding of customer service in the area of diversity / disability to ensure a positive successful interaction with all of their customers.  Specific work-site training is available to companies in order to enhance existing accessible practices and greater accessibility awareness in their customer service sector and interaction with the general public.

 Examples of Available Services

  • Accessible solutions for the corporate sector
  • Corporate retreats and in-house workshops
  • Diversity and sensitivity awareness training modules
  • Continuous/periodic educational training for frontline and managerial staff
  • Organize and execute an inclusive accessible meeting at your worksite
  • Educational sessions for organizations who work with persons with a disability
  • Webinars

Train the Trainer: Access Holidays Canada Inc. offers a “Train the Trainer” program whereby the end user gains continued, in-house, hands-on, support and guidance.  Upon completion of this training module, the company gains Preferred Partner status with Access Holidays Canada Inc.

Accessible Bathroom


Internationally, we work harmoniously with preferred Destination Management companies in Europe, Africa, North/South America and the Caribbean. We also work with Tourist Boards in adapting their touristic properties to be more senior- friendly in accordance with the World Health Organization standards (WHO), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the European Disability Discrimination Act (DDA).

Accessibility site audit is the term used to describe the process by which the physical environment is assessed for barrier-free access and recommendations made for further adaptations (soft/hard) their costing and implementation.

We believe that specific information is necessary for travelers to make an informed decision based on their individual needs. The primary goal is to have the front line staff from each establishment maintain the site audited data close at hand in order to answer specific internal or external accessible inquiries relating to their facility.  The aggregated information from the various sites may also be distributed by the local tourist boards via  the internet, word of mouth, in-house training and documentation. While a hotel or resort is customarily used in considering accessibility, adapting to the standards of universal access for all is of equal benefit to attractions, restaurants, special event planning, and the transportation sector.

We now display our annual audited accessible destination information on our blogs. The travel blogs list information relating to past audits as well as the most recent ones conducted locally or international

Assertive Device, Medical, Disability, Travel


We are able to locate and arrange specific home care equipment or medical equipment based on your specific needs.  The equipment is arranged through local providers who deliver and pick up said equipment.  We are also able to provide information on local repair sites in the destination.  We have made personal contact with many providers throughout the world during our travels and attendance at disability travel trade shows.


In association with local and international event planners, we can assist you in navigation and the minute-by-minute details surrounding your event. We are able to assist those requiring an accessible Wedding Planner or related services for attendees at your event requiring special service needs such as accessible accommodation, transportation, equipment rental, or other services.

Accessible, Travel, Presentation


 Access Holidays Canada Inc. has, over the past 16 years, provided educational sessions to various stakeholders to demonstrate that persons with a disability can indeed travel stress free.  Our focus has been on providing time tested strategies necessary in order to accomplish this task, such as problem solving solutions when barriers to access are encountered, and when and how to approach the various service providers involved in arranging travel plans such as travel consultants and ground handling staff at arrival and departure points. We also provide educational sessions for members of the travel and hospitality industry, including tourist boards and travel product developers.  The presentations clearly demonstrate to the attendees the size of the market, their disposable income, and the economic benefits of providing services to this market segment.  We also make recommendations and assist in the implementation of soft/ hard modifications at various destinations which make their properties more welcoming to a larger segment of potential travelers.

Another key focus has been offering training to industry professionals relating to customer service standards and how to serve clients with a disability.  This is an important but very underserved sector of the tourism market. Customer service training equips front line staff with the skills and understanding to make client contact successful for both parties.  We have developed virtual presentations and webinars so that our audience can participate wherever they are – and wherever we are!


We have written for several disability-focused magazines providing information on our audited findings and the pre-planning involved in order to travel with a disability or an elderly family member. We have made some of this data available on our blogs and our new information page called “Knowledge Base” which will include various articles on how to plan for travel, what we have learned over the past 16 years in this industry, and updated findings on current and future accessible travels.


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