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Salzburg – One Fine Accessible Hotel
Salzburg | One Fine Accessible Hotel

Salzburg – One Fine Accessible Hotel

While in Salzburg we took the opportunity to audit a Salzburg accessible hotel by the central train station. It was appealing as it had a level entrance from the wide pedestrian square outside.

The public areas within the Salzburg accessible hotel were wheelable and had the following features:

  • accessible public washroom
  • wheelchair access to reception
  • wheelchair access to restaurant and bar
  • wheelchair access to conference room
  • wheelchair access to leisure facilities
  • wheelchair access to conference areas
  • dedicated accessible parking space

There are two accessible rooms in the hotel: one with a double bed and one with a single bed. The one we audited had the following features

  • A double bed
  • A lowered safe
  • A pull down closet rod
  • An emergency call switch by the bed
  • An open area under desk for wheelchair access
  • A lowered peep hole in the door
  • The accessible bathroom with the following features
    • wheel in shower
    • grab bar in shower area
    • shower bench
    • grab bar on one side of the toilet
    • emergency call switch

This hotel is positioned in a prime location, adjacent to the train station so no additional transportation is needed to connect to trains.  It is at the meeting point for the entire local and tourist transportation system in and around Salzburg.  The train station is centrally located and most of the attractions are within an easy wheel of the train station. This makes this area an excellent meeting place and starting point for touring Salzburg. There was a wheelchair and bike rental and repair shop adjacent to the train station.  The Club Lounge QBB in the train station is where you can obtain information on train schedules, help with ticketing, special needs assistance and wifi access.

For more information on Salzburg and accessible features, see our blog Salzburg – European Accessible City 2012

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