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Introduction To Accessible Travel Planning
Castle gazing, Rome

Introduction to Accessible Travel Planning

Post Series: How to Plan a Rewarding Accessible Travel Experience

There are a multitude of things to think of when you are planning a trip and dealing with some type of disability.  Not only is there the frustration and attention to detail needed for the regular trip planning (independent itinerary or all inclusive; staying in one place or traveling during your trip; transportation options; cost) but then, on top of that, how are going to manage aspects of your disability while away from your familiar environment?


Access Holidays Canada has, for the past 17 years, provided education to groups and individuals on what to consider when planning a trip. We have assisted clients to manage away from home and experience a successful trip, no matter where they wished to go or what goals they wished to accomplish.  This series of blogs will identify some of the main issues to consider, based on your individual situation.

So – get ready to P.A.C.K.© !  (Planning; Adventure; Credit card; Knowledge)

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