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Finding Paradise Can Be Easier Than You Think
Finding paradise in a magical sunset just before dusk

Finding Paradise Can Be Easier Than You Think

Have you ever wondered about visiting somewhere exotic and spending your time living like a king, where a simple meal costs $5000; a glass of orange juice costs more than $2000 and you pay for it without batting an eye; sleeping in rooms costing $20,000 per night; visiting the local grocery store and dropping $10,000; tipping your chauffeur $2,000 each time. Yes, even someone from the middle class can live like the well-to-do while vacationing without breaking the bank. You can spend without hesitation.  Go on, indulge yourself; bask in the sunshine while revelling in the thought of finally finding paradise. Sway to the rhythmic beat; enjoy spicey hot dishes and local dining. Yes, it can be done! First, unburden yourself from the grab and go hectic pace of North American life. Shed the multiple layers which serves as a constant reminder of the winter blahs and coverups. Prepare to relax and enjoy yourself. Money is no object as you live like a king under the setting sun of paradise. Let the waves dance over your feet while the golden sand caress you toes. Wander aimlessly across white sandy beaches as your toes outline and punctuate well groomed powdered sand. Gaze across the sun drenched crystal clear mirrored surface of the welcoming sea. Plunge in and let yourself sink unabandonedly as you float submerged in a weightless pool of freedom. Marvel at all the times you had wished to live like a king but hesitated because your mind and reality clashed at the thought of doing something so reckless ; something you had considered would be reserved only for the rich and powerful. Now you too can say your search for paradise has been found; and yes, even a struggling 9 to 5’r can experience life in the fast lane. Now you can finally end your search, finding paradise was well worth the effort. Just exchange your hard earned Canadian or American dollars for the Jamaican dollar and watch as you spend like the rich and live like a king in Paradise. (JMD/USD/CAD 100-1)

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