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Dream On! Monaco Yacht Envy!
Anyone's Dreamboat

Dream On! Monaco Yacht Envy!

Monaco Yacht Envy!

Early in life I had hoped to purchase a boat similar to this one. Recently while visiting Monaco, I caught sight of this little gem. I mused whether or not this was just a mere coincidence or the hands of my watchful angels had gone ahead and planned to have it docked on the very same day I would happen to be visiting Monaco; Gee…thanks!

I looked around for the keys but they were nowhere to be found, so I waited patiently for what or whom I did no know. With time on my hands, I started to explore the possibility of actually owning this beast. First question which came to mind was…. where would I keep such a vessel? Let’s explore the option: in front of my house seems a likely spot, but the neighbours would complain as soon as their envy had worn off.  The other option might be a storage unit offsite, but then I wouldn’t be able to admire it on a regular basis. The second question, how much would it cost overall to keep such a boat? It’s like winning a Lamborghini only to find out that your parking space is too secluded to show it off or the gas station is too far from home. No sense wasting gas to get gas I thought. Oh yes, I just remembered, you would also have to ensure that this kind of ride is covered by the appropriate amount of insurance in order to drive on the road. I wonder if it would be cheaper just to take it out and drive around the parking lot and then re-park it?  But I digress.  Back to my boat….I then realized I knew nothing about boating, I would have to hire staff. I wonder how much I would have to pay them. After adding up all the costs associated in keeping a gem like this, I decided the best thing to do was to take a picture and just keep on dreaming. With time on my wrist and reality in my head, I slowly stood up, walked away and never looked back.  Monaco yacht-envy is alive and kicking!

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