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Brocken Mountain | Brockenbahn: An Accessible Train Experience In Germany
Brockenbahn train

Brocken Mountain | Brockenbahn: an accessible train experience in Germany

On route to the accessible train on the Brocken Mountain, you drive through the Fairy Tale (Harz) region of Germany. With the bewitching hour upon us, the witch’s brew flows freely.  It’s believed that witches gather on the Brocken Mountain at a certain time of the year while celebrating an event similar to the westernized Hallowe’en. The Brothers’ Grimm found inspiration for their tales such as Hanzel and Grettel, Little Red Riding Hood and others from this region.  Along the route stop and admire the landscape dotted with half-timbered houses with outstanding wood carvings on their exterior. The Harz region was predominantly the silver mining zone of Germany. William Wordsworth is rumoured to have put pen to paper as he drew inspiration from the region in 1798. He wrote the introduction to the “Prelude” in Goslar, a silver mining town at the base of Brocken Mountain.

Meander past cold war checkpoints and outposts on route to the famous Brocken Mountain. At its pinnacle is the northernmost peak in the Harz National Park mountain range in central Germany.  The most scenic look out is at 1100m. where you can enjoy a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside.  Bask in the sunshine as you inhale with glorious abandon the clean fresh mountain air.

Hop on this old steam driven iron horse called the Brockenbahn. The Brockenbahn train is access-friendly. A trip aboard the accessible train, Brockenbahn, offers travelers friendly assistants who are welcoming and willing to assist persons with mobility issues during the boarding and departing stages. This gentle beast is one of central Germany’s premier triple pack (Harzquerb, Selketalbahn and the Brockenbahn), a set of 25 steam trains traveling over a 140k network of narrow gage tracks. Sit patiently as you chug along on this massive beast with a pulling force of 700HP

Train travel to the top of the Brocken is a super ride anytime of the year, especially in the snowy periods when the mountain range is capped by newly fallen snow glistening in the uninterrupted sunlight on a clear day.  These train rides offer visitors a bumper crop of special opportunities such as Father’s Day and New Year’s Day Specials, Easter Celebrations and so on.

Experience the true feeling of Christmas, being serenaded by the clanging of bells from Father Christmas while enjoying a hot mulled drink.  This travel experience is often referred to as a welcome change from the materialistic Westernized Christmas we have all grown accustomed to. There are daily trips on this accessible train with planned stops at look out points along the journey to the top.

The entire affair offers visitors a nostalgic look  into the not too distant past.

All aboard!!!

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