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Ice-wine Location-freezing Out Persons With A Disability
Signage to hidden accessible parking

Ice-wine location-freezing out persons with a disability

Recently, while motoring through southern Ontario, we happened upon a sign which caught our eye. Our curiosity peaked when the full signage came Into view. At first, we thought there must be a golf course close by based on the wording on the signage. We pressed on for further clarification: at first the thought crossed our minds that we were mistaken since all round us appeared to be vineyards. If that’s not the case, it is hard to believe that in this day and age any property owner would still be using such outdated signage geared to accessibility. Upon closer examination we noticed that what seemed like well worn or neglected accessible parking spots were located at the far section of a small parking area. At first we questioned why these two parking spaces were so unkept in relation to all the others?  The property owners must have forgotten about the impact of first impressions. We imagined aloud, what if a person with a disability approached this property without knowing what we now know; they would certainly experience some difficult in determining where to park or give up in frustration and leave without entering the building? We continued in the direction as indicated by the signage: the walkway led quickly to a gently sloped ramp with a push button accessible door. Upon entering, the interior turned out to be that of an established winery – Jackson-Triggs Winery. We continued exploring the interior and noticed that a considerable amount of attention was given to the subject of accessibility, We then approached the front of house staff and made some enquiry as to why the parking spots with faded markings were in such a sad state (poorly maintained, overgrown vertical sign markings etc) He agreed to share our concerns with management. As we walked back to the car, we commented on how perplexing it was to find such a lack of attention to the first thing anyone with a disability would happen upon when visiting this property.  Go figure!

PS: We intend on visiting this property for a follow up wine tasting event. While there, we will take a peak at the hopefully updated signage and parking spots. Only time will tell if they have migrated to  the modern era as promised by the house staff we spoke to during our first visit.

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