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Accessible Montreal-Things To Know!
Accessible Montreal Skyline

Accessible Montreal-Things To Know!

Our recent return visit to assess accessible Montreal reminded us of how lively this large city is.  While the main language spoken in Quebec is French, everyone you will encounter does speak English as well.  Traffic is busy like any major city but there are many accessible alternatives.  The level of accessibility is quite good, with care being given to make major tourist attractions accessible, such as the Biodome, Olympic Stadium, Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Fine Arts. The old centre of the city can prove to be quite challenging for level access due to the age of the buildings and their historical significance.  However, many places in the old city are quite accessible; for example, the Old Port.  There are many important buildings, many tourist attractions and museums, and, of course, many lovely restaurants to try throughout the old city.

We also meandered through one of our favourite parks in accessible Montreal, La Fontaine.  It is a large park with ponds, fountains, old growth trees in one area and large sports fields in another. There is a restaurant with accessible washrooms located in a central area of the park.

Another major park to visit in accessible Montreal is Mount Royal Park. This 200-hectare park occupies part of the mountain that lies in the midst of Montreal Island, and includes the highest spot in the city (234m).  There is an impressive view of the city of Montreal below and is a frequented stop for tourists and locals.  It is accessible by public transit.  Joggers, pedestrians and bikers are seen throughout this very large and welcoming park!

Transportation:  Montreal has a large subway system; while not all platforms and stops are accessible there is a very detailed map and information on their website.  Most city buses are accessible and, again, there is detailed information on their website: Montreal Public Accessible Transit Information. Visitors to Montreal who use a wheelchair full time are eligible for using the paratransit service with prior arrangement.

There are a number of accessible taxis as well as rental cars with hand controls.  Arriving at destinations for the first time, it would be advisable to take a taxi.  If you are in Montreal for any length of time, working out details of the subway would be advantageous.   If you require careful, detailed and verifiable planning, let us customize your accessible stay in Montreal.  Contact Access Holidays

HOTELS: Montreal has many accessible hotels from hostels to five star!  As with any hotel, it is advisable to contact the hotel individually to ensure that their level of accessibility meets your needs.  If you require careful, detailed and verifiable planning, let us customize your accessible stay in Montreal. Contact Access Holidays

RESTAURANTS: Finding an accessible restaurant in Montreal is difficult as there are many established restaurants with steps and washrooms in the basement due to the age of many buildings. This has become easier with the website, Restomontreal , as you can search in the category of accessibility.

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