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Access Holidays Canada Inc. was developed in 2000 to provide worldwide vacation enhancement services for and on behalf of travelers requiring accessible services. We also provide tourism industry workshops, corporate presentations and destination audits, locally and internationally, in order to educate and increase the awareness for universal accessibility in the disability tourism market and in the general public. Our travel-related  service teams are guided by an experienced accessible destination specialist and an accomplished occupational therapist with a proven track record in the rehabilitation and tourism sectors.

Access Holidays Canada Inc has acquired a reputation for flexible, objective and honest advice, as well as a competent staff with a visionary approach to seniors, oxygen users, post-injury individuals, slow walkers, persons with cognitive or sensory impairments and temporary or permanent disabilities.

Access Holidays Canada Inc achieves success through careful planning and meticulous attention to detail, organizational ability, and most importantly, listening to the client. Whatever the stressors might be (security alerts, questionable destination adaptability),  Access Holidays Canada Inc’s client-focused accessibility service remains the key guiding principle which ultimately leads to a positive travel outcome, and an unparalleled degree of personal benefit to the traveler. Our unique service delivery model remains unmatched in the industry.


We have developed this site with a focus towards achieving international accessibility standards including Priority 1,2 of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We are continually making adjustments to meet those guidelines.

It is the policy of this company to advocate on behalf of all persons with a disability, guided by the core principles of dignity, autonomy, inclusivity, and universal access for all. Part of our commitment is to enhance website access by eliminating any barriers that may unintentionally affect visitors experience in a less that desirable manner. We consult quite regularly with international customer service standards embolden in trailblazing proactive disability acts such as ADA (USA) and the DDA (European).

PDF documents: Screen reader website access and pdf document viewer can be further enhanced by visiting the posted links available at “Adobe Accessibility” for additional tools and resources.

Browsing issues: Please let us know, in a constructive manner, if you should encounter any site access issues.

Access Holidays Canada Inc.

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