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5 Key Questions To Ask Your Physician During The Planning Stage Of Accessible Travel

5 Key Questions to ask your Physician during the planning stage of Accessible Travel

Post Series: How to Plan a Rewarding Accessible Travel Experience

It is recommended that you visit your doctor prior to your planned travel.  Speak with your doctor regarding management of specific needs while away.  Ask whether your doctor approves of your plan to travel.   What medications do you need to take?  Are there immunizations required for the area you are traveling to and are there any contraindications to taking these? Have pertinent information written on the doctor’s letterhead.  It is highly recommended that you visit your physician at least 6 months prior to travel.  This may seem like a long time but you will be surprised how much planning is necessary once you understand the basic medical issues and how they will affect the rest of the planning process.

Discuss the following with your physician:

  1. Are there any restrictions such as flying due to fluctuation in cabin pressures?  For example, persons with certain heart conditions are not recommended to fly due to the fluctuation in pressure.
  2. Ask your doctor to provide a medical history or check over the one which you have written out PERSONAL MEDICAL JOURNAL.  This will be useful if questioned at security or if you require medical attention while traveling.
  3. Review medications and provide prescriptions for you to take with you to show at security check points or in case medications are lost.
  4. Sign any papers related to travel – medical forms for flying; insurance questionnaires; medical documentation for approval of accessible accommodation; discounts for attendants.
  5. Will the climate affect your condition?  Certain conditions are sensitive to changes in temperature, humidity or elevation.


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