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Why Use the Services of an Accessible Destination Specialist

Don’t gamble with anything that may have a negative impact on the successful conclusion to your accessible dream vacation.  Some travelers are quite self-sufficient in arranging their holidays but more often than not they forget to make arrangements for delays, rerouted flights, unrealized prearranged accessible services during boarding/deplaning or while in a specific destination. Always have a plan B or have one setup by your accessible destination specialist. Imagine this scenario: you may depart from your home gateway via an aircraft jet bridge in a transfer chair. To your surprise, your connector airline, part of an alliance, turns out to be a tarmac load and does not have a mechanical lift; as a last resort you are hand transported for boarding and deplaning. When you make arrangements, factor in as much down time as possible between flights. Remember, you are the first to board and the last to deplane. Boarding sometimes is quite easy; it’s the getting off, collecting your bags, and making the onwards connection that’s difficult! Hopefully your wheelchair will arrive undamaged and can be reassembled without a lot of challenges. If your wheelchair (or other mobility device) arrives in less than an acceptable state, be aware that you will require additional time to find and complete the necessary forms and secure a file number in order to do a claim follow up. Also note that if you have some one waiting to collect you at the taxi rank, any delay in getting there may involve an additional wait time charge. You will also require  some means of communicating with that driver or pick up person. That’s where employing the services of an accessible destination specialist will pay dividends in the long run as all these scenarios are taken in to account.

What is the cost of peace of mind?  How do you quantify or place a cost or value on having a  successful travel outcome?  The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.

Employing the services of an accessible destination specialist is often the best value for money.  It offers substantial peace of mind.  Nuisance factors are expertly handled. An eventful holiday is not necessarily welcoming or positive. No amount of refund can make up for a  delayed flight, inappropriate hotel selection or missed events.

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