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Access-Friendly Koblenz

Access-Friendly Koblenz

Koblenz is nestled at the meeting point of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. The fort at the confluence, Deutsches Eck or German Corner, named by the Teutonic Order in 1216, lies at it’s outer fringe. The German Corner has been rumoured to welcome approximately 2 million plus visitors per year; some leisurely enjoying a pleasant conversation over a meal or simply having a stress-free relaxing stroll along its wheel-able pathways. One can easily see why it is listed among the ten ‘must do’ things while visiting Germany.

Koblenz can best be described as a city cradled by the Rhine and the Moselle Rivers. A city blessed with ever-present majestic sceneries, castles and fortresses overlooking the gentle waves created by busy water taxis and barges. One enjoyable pastime is taking a lazy cruise from Koblenz to Mainz with stops in places like Bopard, Bacharach and Bingen. Gaze at the impressive Loreley Rock and Stolzenfels Castle along the route.

Towering above the German Corner stands Kaiser Wilhelm 1 on his mounted steed. This imposing monument stands 37m high perched atop the meeting point of both rivers. Overshadowing this monument lies the fortress, Ehrenbreitstein, perched 120m atop the Rhine ridge wall. Ehrenbreitstein has been made accessible and welcoming to most visitors; complete with scented herb gardens, numerous event spaces, galleries, and ramparts. The fortress is also most welcoming to persons with vision and hearing deficits.

The 2011 European flower show gave rise to numerous accessible features such as the cable car which offers an abundant array of scenic and breathtaking views while on it’s approach to and from the German Corner. The Flower show also ushered in level access pathways with wide cycle or wheeling areas along the south bank of the Rhine River. Enjoy an accessible stroll through the perfumed gardens at the rear of Castle Kurfurstiches.

Wheel gently from the touristic German Corner towards the city centre on route to the famous Forum Confluentes. From an accessible standpoint, the Forum Confluentes can best be described as ‘pure architectural poetry in motion’ complete with spacious common areas, soothing colour schemes, accessible bathrooms, library, large elevators, and a fully accessible roof area with outstanding surrounding views.

Meandering from the city centre, passing numerous cafes, bistros, and wine bars, you will finally end up at the very accessible Hauptbahnhof. Next to the Hauptbahnhof are several hotels catering to persons with a disability.

Access Holidays Canada appreciates the kind and generous assistance from Koblenz- Touristik staff and local suppliers in the preliminary audit of this region. Special thanks to Mr. Johannes Bruchhof and Ms. Sandra John.

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