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A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence): What Is The Impact On Accessibility In The  Future?
The Future of Personal Care Assistance?

A.I. ( Artificial Intelligence): What is the Impact on Accessibility in the Future?

Can you imagine a world where a personal robot is assigned to the temporarily or permanently disabled individual? Depending on the gender appearance, he or she would cater to the care recipient’s own personal needs. No more worries of administering care in a dignified manner which we are sometimes subjected to or reminded of as humans.  Difficulties associated with administering care and services in rural areas would be a thing of the past.  Labeling a person as a slow-walker would only be akin to the speed of his or her personal accompanying robot. A wheelchair and a robot would figuratively become one; both integrated into one autonomous vehicle. No need to worry about curb-cuts; the robot would transform into a stair climber. The use of a solar-charged out-and-about autonomous hybrid wheelchair and robot system would be a natural occurrence.

No need for cramped priority seating on public transit ,which often times are taken up by baby strollers or shopping carts.  A mature individual need not worry about retesting their capabilities in order to operate a vehicle during their declining years. Robots would be at their beck and call.

For the most part, “no one left behind” would and could become the norm. Working from home would take on new meaning for those individuals disenfranchised by lack of access to mainstream work environment. Lack of access to further education would be a thing of the past; the robot would act as a virtual teacher. Scheduling public transit to go on any outings would be a moot point; your personal robot would handle such tasks for you. The individual’s likes and dislikes, physical health, and special service needs would be verified electronically with a link to the family doctor; follow up medical care could then be applied based on the evaluated outcomes.

Still wondering about the future? A.I. is about to fold time backwards on itself; time will slowly loose its relevance and will quickly be replaced by right now, this instant! Imagine a world with mind-sinking, thought- controlled interpretations. In the new frontier being selfish would loose its negative connotation; it’s all about the individual.

Predicting year over year drought stricken zones, addressing homelessness, and providing access in iced in areas or regions of the world would become second nature.  Access to fresh vegetables or groceries in the Arctic regions of Canada would loose most of its challenges.


For years the Japanese have dipped their research beaks into early promises of A.I. technology for different purposes such as ASIMO,   Quora and other offerings.

While on the other side of the pond (North America) we have PETMAN

Trailblazers like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Elon Musk are bringing us closer to the future.

Microsoft’s recent A.I offerings such as the Adam Project.

The previous 2016 Obama administration set aside sizeable funding for future research in autonomous vehicles and its related fields: Preparing for the Future

ASIMO, Honda’s Robot System



The future may be closer than we think…don’t look up! look out!

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