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Special Services

We work in close cooperation with Tourist boards/Hospitality Industry(locally and internationally). Call us today as we work work to ensure that the unexpected accessibility issues become a thing of the past.

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We assist those requiring an accessible Wedding Planner or services for visiting attendees with special needs requiring accommodation, transportation, equipment rental, or other services.

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Travel Writers

Call us and book a private appointment regarding promotion of your destination and attributes.

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We offer private consultation geared to addressing the needs of persons with a disability. Give us a call and Schedule your appointment today.

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Find out More!

We are accessible information purveyors; in short, we are way-finders in a sea of accessibility ambiguities.

We provide and create verifiable accessible information for organizations and individual recipients who, for reasons such as age related limitations, intellectual or cognitive challenges, post-injury conditions may find themselves on a temporary or permanent disability spectrum.

Here are some of our special services:

Simpler than ever

Slow Walkers Program

Companionship for the Elderly

Simpler than ever

Assistive Device Procurement

Attendant care services

Travel made easy

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