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We are pre-travel information wayfinders in a sea of accessibility ambiguities.

We provide and create verifiable accessible travel information for organizations and individual recipients who, for reasons such as age related limitations, intellectual and cognitive challenges, or post-injury conditions may find themselves on a temporary or permanent disability spectrum.

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Access Holidays Canada Inc. was developed in 2000 to provide consultation services for and on behalf of travelers requiring accessible services.  We also provide accessibility information,  tourism industry workshops, corporate presentations and destination audits, locally and internationally.

About us

Accessible Travel Information Services

Medical Equipment Procurement

We will locate and arrange specific home care equipment to be provided at your destination (s).


We offer educational sessions to members of the travel and hospitality industry to demonstrate the benefit of providing inclusive goods and services and travelers to demonstrate that persons with a disability can travel stress free.

Corporate Solutions

We work with corporations to provide education and experiential learning for front line staff pertaining to diversity and disability issues in order to promote successful customer service.

Destination Audits

We provide universal accessibility and senior-friendly strategies to make tourism  properties inclusive to all.

Travel Writing

We provide informative travel articles emphasizing  destination details highlighting senior friendly and accessible features.

Inclusive Event Planning

We can assist you to arrange inclusive events whether meetings, weddings, or other occasions.

Getting There

We organize meet and greet services starting from your departure point, throughout your journey, tailored to your individual needs.


Our accessible destination consultants will ensure that your needs are met during your home and away excursions.

Photo Gallery

Please enjoy snippets of our travels and annual destination audits from locations  around the world.  Pictures of people, places and things related to accessibility and barrier-free products and destinations. 

Photo Gallery
accessible travel information
Triana, Sevilla, Spain


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Access Holidays Canada Inc.

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